Cloudkongress 2012Last month I spoke at CloudKongress 2012 in Vienna, Austria. I was invited to join a large number of Speakers, Experts and Cloud Thought Leaders from Austria, Germany and Switzerland for a day of learning and sharing. This was the second CloudKrogress managed by Dr Tobias Höllwarth and his very dedicated team of Cloud experts and enthusiasts from EuroCloud, Cloud Vendors and the German language Cloud User community. Approximately 500 participants attended the event and took part in a selection of 43 different sessions, break-outs and workshops available in 4 parallel streams during the afternoon.

As part of CloudKongress 2012 all participants received a copy of the book Cloud Migration, the 2nd revised edition, 2012. This book is a great example of collaboration that the Cloud enables and what I believe the Cloud is all about. 51 authors from 11 countries contributed to the book, including myself. The book sets out to cover the full range of issues to be considered when Migrating to the Cloud including: Technology, Security, Law, Control, Processes, Business and Practical Considerations which includes 5 Case Studies. I was delighted to be one of 8 contributors to the section on Cloud Economics. My piece is entitled : The selling processes of Cloud vs Traditional IT Solutions.

The 3 main ideas developed are:
1)  B2B -> B2C
2)  The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey
3)  Quality of Service -> The End2End Customer Experience

View my presentation: 2012_Vortrag_SalesChannel_Europe_David_Ednie.pdf

View my presentation on slideshare: The Buyer’s Journey

By the book: Cloud Migration, by Dr Tobias Höllwarth, 2nd revised edition, 2012