The Buyer’s Journey: Align your Sales and Marketing actions with the way customers buy

The old rule in sales ABC “Always Be Closing” has passed its use by date. Today ABC would serve us better if it stood for “Always Be Changing”. And this rate of change has never been more challenging for Sales and Marketing because business as usual has come to a sudden end as power has [...]

Collaboration: your path to Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller Web apps and the internet have changed the way we work and live. Today we live in a world where the creative quality of work improves as we move along the "Hierarchy of Communication" from Connect to Communicate to Collaborate [...]

Recognising Markets in Transition: Move everything to the Cloud

It is always easier to see a market transition after it has happened than when you are in mid transition. “We all have 20/20 vision in hindsight” - Anonymous Think of the Candle Stick Maker. How many are still in business in your area today? Market transitions are usually not single occurrence events, but often [...]

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ROI or ROI? ‘Return on Investment’ or ‘Return on Innovation’?

What percentage of your revenues in 2012 will come from products and services that are less than 18 months old? Are you constantly defending your business, and your offerings against new and improved competitive offerings? Do you find yourself defending the status quo and unwittingly discriminating against the future? Or are you constantly experimenting and [...]

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Competitive Separation*

Competitive Separation is what makes you or your offer unique, unmatchable. The more unmatchable your offer is, the great the level of competitive separation. Step 1. Determine your current level of Competitive Separation. Step 2. Determine your Aspirational level of Competitive Separation and Step 3. Create a plan to get you there.

Creativity Loves Constraints

How many people do you know would describe themselves as being creative? A lot I find. “I love new ideas, creating new concepts, building new models, etc.” they will tell you. And many of them are highly creative when working with a clean sheet of paper, in “green field” situations or without any limiting constraints. [...]

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Leadership and Storytelling: Using Stories to Inspire Others

Everyone loves a good story. That’s why stories are so effective for engaging an audience, and inspiring action. Great leaders are great storytellers. Great leaders know how to capture people’s hearts and minds using stories that we well chosen, well constructed and well told. Great stories are engaging, inspiring and energising because they embody relevant, [...]

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