9 Misconceptions of Selling to Service Providers

Misconception #1: All Service Providers were created equal Reality: All Services are different. Consequence for sales. Only spend your sales efforts on those SPs who can combine/include your Value Proposition to strengthen/enrich their own Value Proposition and the combined Value Proposition is relevant and meaningful to SP’s target customers. Misconception #2: Service Providers know what [...]

Sales Performance Motivation

Getting the best out of your sales organization over the long term means building a dynamic, results focused, forward looking and positively motivated team. As sales team with one common and over arching goal that is totally committed to making the numbers. Sales team performance is part sales skills and part attitude.

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SaaS Sales Acceleration 2.0

Everything is moving rapidly and irreversibly to the web. Capturing customers via the online channel is the new center of gravity for Sales and Marketing. Helping today’s customers to find your services online, self-diagnose, enter into a conversation with your company and other users, thought leaders and recommenders.

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Leadership Execution

Business results are the result of execution. The role of leadership is to enable Excellence in Execution. David Ednie an expert in Performance Motivation and Business Execution. “Execution is the discipline of getting things done. The ability to execute is what separates good from great companies in today’s increasingly complex and competitive business environment.

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